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Monday, November 10, 2014

Bird keeping is a great common ground to develop friendships

Last Friday, I travelled by road from Malacca to Penang with TT Ooi and his son Jia Ee. Needless to say, it was another trip that's related to the hobby. This is one of those trips that will always leave a pleasant memory behind.

Penang is the hometown of Ooi and he was most hospitable throughout my stay. Wherever we go and whatever activities, bird related or not, that we indulged ourselves in over the weekend, nineteen years old Jia Ee or his nine years old youngest brother will be there too. Perhaps, it was because I have never known how it's like to be going fishing with a son, their company had somehow, left a very nice and warm feeling inside me. The two kids were very well brought up and very well mannered to say the least and I hope to have the opportunity to spend time with them again, someday in the future.

The other two friends that had came to meet me were Penang Ah Heng and Somchai from Thailand. It's always so wonderful to catch up with them again.

Somchai, Penang Ah Heng, Me (slightly soaked by the morning drizzle) and Ooi 

Measuring tail to confirm that my estimation was correct. That foldable carpenter ruler brought by Ah Heng is good to measure up to 3 ft.
 Holy cow! What was he expecting?

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